MIKI HOUSE's historical and core business
is, of course, the manufacture of children's clothing.
The origin of each of our creations is a fundamental principle of which we are proud:
putting the needs of the child at the heart of our concerns.
We have always been very attached to our core values:
clothing in which children live their daily lives full of vitality and health,
and which, over time, leave lasting memories.

Our Japanese workshops, with a forged know-how
in therespect of the traditions and human values of our house,
choose the most beautiful materials and themost accomplishedmanufacturing processes
to preserve this unequalled quality,
because nothing is too beautiful for a child.

Our stylists add the touch of practical ingenuity,
functional and unique that will allow you
to recognize a Miki House garment among many others.

It is these requirements that have enabled us to become
THE luxury brand of Japanese children's fashion
and that make each of our 500 points of sale on the Japanese archipelago,
our 16 boutiques abroad and our Parisian boutique a unique space
where each child sees the fruit of special attention.

It is these requirements that have enabled us for more than 30 years
to satisfy our customers all over the world
and that have established our reputation for originality and quality.

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